Floorwiz Twizz Mop X2

Floorwiz Twizz Mop X2

Floorwiz Twizz Mop X2   The fastest and easiest way to clean floors!With the incredible Floorwiz Twizz Mop X2 the EcoFibre strands wash and dry your floors quicker and easier than ever before. With the patented ratchet system, no more getting your hands wet or dirty and now it comes with a telescopic handle which retracts for compact storage.

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• Wash and dry your floors in half the time
• Large EcoFibre mop head for great absorption
• Absorbs up to 4 times more water
• Patented ratchet system that wrings out water
• Built in scrubber removes stubborn stains in seconds
• Telescopic pole to aid in compact storage
• Non-abrasive, lint-free and environmentally friendly
• Machine washable, easily replaceable head
• Replacement heads available
• 14 Day money back guarantee
• 1 Year quality guarantee

Are you still using that dirty, smelly old mop to try clean your floors, and all you’re really doing is pushing all that dirty water around without actually cleaning and then you need to wring it out by hand! Yuk! Dirt has no chance against the new & improved Floorwiz Twizz mop X2. Never again will you have to wring your mop out by hand, with the amazing new Floorwiz Twizz Mop X2 you can wash and dry your floors quicker and easier without getting your hands wet or dirty.

Floorwiz spreads the water easily so you can wash your floors like never before. Made from extra-long, super soft EcoFibre strands, the Twizz Mop's secret is the thousands of innovative beads linked together to trap and lock away dirt for a streak free clean, quickly sucking up everyday spills, tackling tough sticky messes with ease and even stubborn grime is no match for the scrubber on any surface! When you’re done – use the ratchet system to wring out all the water and dirt with a simple twist while your hands stay clean and dry. No mess! No Fuss! This is easy-to-use mop is convenience at its best.

Floorwiz has three times the absorption capacity of a conventional mop, so you can suck up more dirt while the ratchet system wrings out far more water than conventional mops. A dryer mop means you can dry your floors faster than ever before. The ingenious scrubber tip is ideal to get rid of any tough surface stains in an instant. The long lasting, super durable EcoFibre head is machine washable and easy to replace. Your house will be left in perfect, spotless condition.

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Product Guarantee 1 Year Quality Guarantee - The guarantee covers any manufacturing defects in material or workmanship occurring during regular usage.
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