Bauer Kitchen Guard


No Messing About with this 5 in 1 Kitchen Guard! The SMART KITCHEN TOOL that replaces many items in the kitchen.

Bauer Kitchen Guard


R 129.00
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Product Info

• Splatter Screen to protect stove-top and clothing from grease.
• Acts as a Pot Strainer
• Acts as an attractive trivet
• Functions as a steamer
• Oven Safe to 220 degrees
• Dishwasher safe

The Kitchen Guard is uniquely designed to be used with most cookware, from small and even large. With one piece of kitchenware you can prevent that sizzling splatter. You can then strain your food easily and avoid burnt table tops using the Kitchen Guard as a trivet. But wait - the Kitchen Guard also acts as a steamer. Simply place the Kitchen Guard on the rim of a boiling pot. Place your favourite vegetables on the Kitchen Guard and then cover with a glass ""dome"" lid. In no time you will have delicious steamed vegetables.

The Kitchen Guard can withstand high temperatures and is oven safe. Now you can prepare fun and delicious snacks using the Kitchen Guard as a baking tray. It's so easy to clean and is easy to store. Bauer Kitchen Guard is a must have in your kitchen. Get your Bauer Kitchen Guard now!