Genesis Garment Steamer Pro Demo

Get perfect ironing results without the burn, scorch or shine!

Genesis Garment Steamer Pro Demo


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Product Info

• Guaranteed never to burn or scorch your clothes
• Faster and safer than ironing
• Horizontal & vertical use
• Brush and fluff attachments included
• 15 Day money-back guarantee

Don’t you hate it when your iron burns, shines and scorches your clothes?

Introducing the compact Genesis Garment Steamer Pro.

Uniquely designed to produce even more powerful, continuous steam, it cannot scorch or burn your clothes.
Ordinary irons use super-heated soleplates to try release creases which damages the fibres. Genesis does not have a heated soleplate, but rather uses super-heated, continuous steam to easily release creases without the damage. Even print is no problem.

Genesis is easy to use and ready in seconds and is safe on all fabrics. Now you can iron delicate silks, to even the thickest denims. Genesis deep penetrating steam removes creases quickly and easily. With the integrated stainless soleplate, you’ll even iron the perfect pleat!

Genesis is also a powerful upright steamer. Now you can iron straight on the hanger or your curtains on the rail.

Professional garment steamers can easily sell for well over three thousand rand, but get your Genesis Garment Steamer now and we’ll also include the super fluff brush to remove fluff while you steam and the brush attachment - perfect for delicate garments.