Floorwiz Handi-Mop


This Cleaning Wonder is like no other in its class!

The company that has brought South Africa the best innovations in floorcare for more than 40 years introduces the Floorwiz Handi-Mop. It is improved mopping technology at its best.

Floorwiz Handi-Mop


R 129.00
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Product Info

• 300GSM Eco-Fibre
• Super absorbent strands
• Easy to use
• Stainless steel retractable handle

Struggling to shake that habit of using that ordinary cotton mop?
This Floorwiz Handi-Mop is like nothing in its class. This Floorwiz utilizes the super absorbent cleaning power of 300GSM eco-fibre strands to remove mess. All the strands are connected with a tail-band which allows you to cover more surface area when cleaning. Unlike ordinary cotton mops, the eco-fibre strands are so easy to clean after use and dirt just washes away. Floorwiz Handi-Mop also comes with a stainless steel retractable handle for compact storage.