Maxxus Multi-Gym

40+ Exercises In One Compact Machine!


Maxxus Multi-Gym


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Product Info

Are you struggling to lose weight and get into great shape? Forget about bulky fitness equipment and expensive gym fees,  you need the new Maxxus Multi-Gym from Verimark, the ultimate compact home fitness machine designed for males and females, whether fit or unfit. With more than 40 exercises, you can target every muscle group, allowing you to sculpt the body you always wanted.



  • Designed all ages and fitness levels.
  • Activate all muscle groups: 
    • Pump your biceps and target your triceps for powerful arms.
    • Trim obliques for a sleek waistline.
    • Shed unwanted fat on your abs for chiseled six-pack abs.
    • Reshape quads, define calves.
    • Engage hamstrings and shape glutes.
    • Activate chest muscles, build a muscular back.
    • Sculpt shoulders, develop forearms, bulk up traps.
  • Everlasting Resistance Bands:
    • Constantly engage muscles during exercise.
    • Strengthen, tone, burn fat, and increase metabolism.
    • Gentle on joints.
  • 14 Levels of Resistance:
    • Tailor your routine with different resistance levels.
    • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
  •  The Maxxus allows you to seamlessly switch between exercises, ensuring your heart rate stays elevated throughout your workout.
  •  The solid yet compact design not only ensures durability but also offers convenient storage options.
  • 1 year quality guarantee.



  • A1 Wall Chart
  • Workout Video
  • 2 x Handles
  • 2 x Leg Straps