Tobi Platinum Demo


Remove wrinkles and odours in seconds!

Tobi Platinum is designed to wipe out wrinkles and odours just like the professional machines in the dry cleaners and in the fashion industry. 

Tobi Platinum Demo


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Product Info

• 5 Times faster than ironing
• Guaranteed to never burn, scorch or shine
• Safe to use on any fabric
• Portable design
• Irons clothes on the hanger
• Deodorises and sanitizes clothing
• New and Improved design
• 30 Day money back guarantee
• 1 Year quality guarantee

Tobi Platinum removes wrinkles and unpleasant odours from all your household fabric – quickly and easily. Its professional steam power penetrates right through the fabric, releasing wrinkles, leaving your clothes perfectly smooth and smelling fresh. Tobi Platinum is suitable for casual wear to delicate fabrics, suits and gowns. Because it’s safe on all fabrics and gets the job done up to 5 times faster than traditional ironing – you can iron your clothes right on the hanger, curtains on the rail, you can even destroy dust mites in your mattress and upholstery!

Tobi Platinum is easy to use, ready in as little as 30 seconds and will save you on expensive dry cleaning bills. Guaranteed never to burn, scorch or shine your clothes – Tobi Platinum is the safest, gentlest way to remove wrinkles.

The portable Tobi Platinum comes with several new improvements and includes:
• Easy travel bag - The Tobi easily disassembles and fits into travel bag
• Upholstery brush - Simply snap onto the plate and refurbish your upholstery
• Lint attachment - Ideal to remove pet hair from your clothing

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