Maxxus V-trainer Compact Demo


Lose weight and get into great shape in as little as 10 minutes a day!

The Maxxus V-Trainer Compact is ideal for all fitness levels & age groups. It is a full body workout. A university study has proven that exercising on the Maxxus increases muscle activation up to 5 times thus accelerating weight loss. Now comes complete with a guidance system.

Maxxus V-trainer Compact Demo


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Product Info

• Increases muscle activation up to 5X
• Ideal for all fitness levels & ages
• Accelerates weight loss
• Includes complete guidance system

How does exercise-by-vibration work?
Exercise-by-vibration was a breakthrough in space science. Russian space scientists developed the first vibration trainers to enable cosmonauts to exercise in space. Given the many and impressive health benefits that since became public knowledge, many vibration trainers have come to market. Verimark, the company that pioneered home exercise machines in South Africa over 2 decades ago, spent the last 7 years researching and testing a vast number of alternatives in terms of quality, function, safety and results. We are confident that the Maxxus Vibration Trainer is today the best there is available. You can now get into great shape, lose weight and improve your health in the privacy and safety of your own home!

The Maxxus platform makes small, but rapid movements. This creates vibrations that flow through the body causing muscles to contract and stretch without you even knowing it. These continuous, quick reflexes effectively exercise the different muscles in the body. Regular training on the Maxxus will result in a more beautiful and healthier body.