Genesis Rolling Airfryer


The only airfryer that automatically turns your food during the cooking process for perfect cooking every time!

Genesis Rolling Airfryer


R 3,999.00
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Product Info


  • Even heat distribution for perfect cooking every time
  • With 45° tilting and 360° turning
  • 6 Functions in one unit
  • Pre-set timer
  • Temperature control
  • Unique tilt & roll cooking for even heat distribution
  • Includes chrome plated rack & detachable pot handle
  • Save energy with its carbon heating element
  • Drip drain system drains out oil & fat for healthier cooking
  • 2 Year Quality Guarantee


Everyone loves fried foods but not the unhealthy fats that come with it.

Introducing the NEW 6-in-1 GENESIS ROLLING AIR FRYER. Now you can air-fry, roast, grill, stir-fry, bake and dehydrate with one brilliant appliance.

Now you can prepare all your favorite foods with super-heated air and without the nasty oils and fat!

Genesis carbon heating element is designed to lock in moisture to evenly air fry your favorite veggies, healthy French fries or your most loved traditional delicacies!

But what makes Genesis so special is its tilt function combined with its continuous three-hundred-and-sixty-degree rotation, ensures the best cook every single time, by continuously turning the food – so you don’t have to keep checking it.

Genesis has a built-in grill to cook steak to absolute perfection - or become your very own master chef with tender roasts for the whole family. You can even make a delicious stir-fry without the grease and bake gourmet deserts in a fraction of the time.

Genesis also features a unique ten-hour timer converting it into the ultimate dehydrator for so you can make your own dried fruit, nuts or dehydrated meat.

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