Floorwiz Ecofibre Mop Replacement Pad (Blue)

Replacement Pad for Ecofiber Mop- Blue

Floorwiz Ecofibre Mop Replacement Pad (Blue)


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Product Info

Features of Eco Ecofibre Mop (note this is only the replacement pad)
• Cleans better and faster without using any chemicals
• Attracts dirt and dust like a magnet
• Super soft EcoFibre fingers absorb more and won't scratch floors and furniture
• Double-lock telescopic handle
• Machine washable and reusable pads
• 4 Funky colours available
• 15 Day money back guarantee
• 1 Year quality guarantee

Are you still trying to clean your floors with that dirty, smelly old mop and chemicals? When cleaning your floors, they look clean, but are they really? Run the mop that you just cleaned your floors with over a mirror and you will truly see what is left on your floors. A mixture of dirt and soapy chemicals! Now just think about your kids and pets on those floors - there must be a better way!

To really clean your floors in half the time, you need the revolutionary new Floorwiz EcoFibre Mop! The super soft EcoFibre fingers are activated by only tap water it’s all natural no chemicals! The advanced EcoFibre fingers penetrate deep into stains and are able to remove crayon marks, scuff marks and whatever dirt you have on your floors, better than any mop you're using at the moment. 

To clean floors quicker and easier, the new Floorwiz is designed with extra width and is able to clean in the tightest corners even under your furniture. And after you’ve cleaned your floors, just remove the dirty pad and place it into the washing machine. It’s like using a new mop every time. Used dry, the new Floorwiz builds up static power as you use it and attracts dirt and pet hair like a magnet. Unbelievable!