Microwiz Multifibre Cloths

Each Microwiz cloth is uniquely designed and manufactured for different uses in and around your home. Microwiz has individual labels that show you which application its designed for, so that you never cross contaminate.

Microwiz Multifibre Cloths


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Product Info

Use the kitchen cloth to get rid of grease and grime and clean sticky messes in a flash.

Use the ultra-thick fibres on the dusting cloth to trap the finest dirt like a magnet.

Shining those expensive electronics and delicate glass surfaces has never been this quick and easy with Microwiz specialised glass cloth.

A polishing cloth for couches to keep them looking revitalised and brand new, even polish antique silverware.

One for your bathroom to get rid of bacteria and nasty soap scum.


  • 5 Uniquely designed cloths
  • Multifibres for different applications
  • Labelled for specific areas of your home
  • Machine washable
  • No harsh chemicals needed only water
  • Can be used wet or dry