Genesis Easysew Demo


Genesis Easysew is the easiest way to sew and includes a detailed set of videos to help you along the way.

Genesis Easysew Demo


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Product Info

  • The easiest way to sew
  • 12 Stitching patterns
  • Convenient bobbin rewinder
  • Reverse sewing function to secure seams
  • Interchangeable presser foot
  • Handy foot pedal included
  • Built-in LED sewing light
  • On board storage drawer


If you have always struggled to sew or thought that is it too difficult to sew… think again!

Introducing the revolutionary new Genesis Easysew. Now you can save money and sew it yourself!

Make your own, new pillowcases, dresses for your dolls, your own curtains, your own clothes and so much more! If it can be sewn, you can probably do it with the Easysew.

It was designed to make sewing easy! With twelve popular stitch patterns, the Genesis caters for your every need and with the easy backstitch, you can secure every seam.

Genesis also features a handy foot pedal giving you full control and both hands free.

A bright LED light to give you clear vision of the task at hand and a handy on-board thread cutter.

Genesis works on power with the included adaptor or with batteries, so you can use it anywhere. Genesis is built tough and can sew through multiple layers.

With Genesis Easysew, anyone can sew - and to make sure, we will show you how to sew with our step-by-step online instructional video – free!


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Genesis Easysew instruction introduction

Genesis Easysew instruction threading the machine

Genesis Easysew instruction replacing the bobbin

Genesis Easysew instruction winding the bobbin

Genesis Easysew instruction replacing the needle

Genesis Easysew instruction replacing the presser foot

Genesis Easysew Instruction using the adaptor and foot pedal

Genesis Easysew instruction Installing batteries

Genesis Easysew instruction Sewing

Genesis Easysew instruction Adjusting Stitching

Genesis Easysew instruction Reverse Sewing

Genesis Easysew instruction Sewing Sleeves

Genesis Easysew instruction Important Safety instructions