Bauer Granite Stone 28cm Fry

Bauer Granite is designed with a superior Granite Coating that's designed to last for years and provide exceptional non-stick ability

Bauer Granite 28cm Fry


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Product Info

• 28cm fry pan
• Heat resistant handle
• Oven safe
• Induction Compatible
• Dishwasher safe
• Great for manicures and pedicures
• 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Description
With Bauer’s latest cooking technology, you can now prepare your food without scratching!

Cutting your food inside ordinary cookware will damage the coating and metal utensils cannot be used but cutting your food inside the Bauer Pan … No problem! Bauer is designed with a touch Granite coating to last for years! With its stainless-steel induction base, you can cook on any surface…for fast even heat distribution.

Bauer Granite Stone has exceptional non-stick.

We burned cheese….and it simply lifts away. Even melted party plastic stuck to the pan wipes right out.

Now you can use metal electric whisks with Bauer for healthy breakfasts that just fold right out. With its steel handle you can even use Bauer in the oven.

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