i-Play Drifter Pro


Want a remote control car like you've never seen before? Check out the awesome new i-Play Drifter Pro from Verimark! Watch the suspension drop and rise again and perform funky dance moves with amazing pre-programmed songs.  Perform all kinds of stunts and wheelies with lights and sound effects to match. The magic is in the unique wheel design that allows it to manoeuvre in all directions.

i-Play Drifter Pro


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Product Info


  • Dances to pre-programmed music from its built in speaker
  • Unique drift wheel design that drives sideways
  • Motorised collapsible suspension
  • Performs amazing stunts
  • 4-Wheel drive for more control on tricky terrain
  • Includes headlights and colourful LEDs
  • Rechargeable batteries in Drifter
  • Remote control
  • Ages 8+

Currently only available in blue.