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Vacuum, wash & dry your carpets and super clean your home in half the time with the ultimate home cleaning system from Germany!

Genesis HausMeister Demo


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Product Info

• Aqua 7 stage filtration
• 99.99% Dust retention
• Extreme suction power
• Wash & dry hard floors, carpets & upholstery
• Adjustable suction power
• Patented water injection filter
• Ideal for pet owners
• Full range of accessories included
• 1 Free Genesis detergent included
• FREE Instructional DVD included
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Verimark, the company that brought you vacuuming through water filtration more than a decade ago, brings you the Genesis Hausmeister.  Designed and manufactured to the highest quality specifications in Germany. Unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners, the Hausmeister does not use dust bags or canisters. Our German engineers took water filtration to a level that has never been seen before. Hausmeister's patented, multi stage aquafilter encapsulates all the dust and dirt vacuumed up with a powerful quattro water injection spray, trapping it in the water tank. Air then passes through a series of sponge filters as well as a micro-particle filter that ensures that 99.99% of the dirt and allergy causing impurities are trapped - releasing only clean, fresh air - this is great news for allergy sufferers.There are no bags that clog up, so HausMeister will never lose its superior suction power. The Hausmeister filtration is so effective, it received the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval and the highest rating for dust retention by the Independent German Institute SLG.